Artist Bio

Hi, I am Kathryn Gauldin, an artist working with color, pattern and structure through textiles, printing, dyeing, weaving and other expressive techniques. I work primarily in textiles, and find inspiration from nature, often use found materials.

I grew up with Grands who embroidered and embellished their artwork and fine craft and I find that a few special threads often make the whole piece better. When in art school, I began studying printmaking, drawing and painting and and they translate into pattern, thread and dye “seamlessly”.

I studied art at UNCG, WCU, Haywood Production Crafts Program, Duke Non-Profit Management and hold a BA in art from High Point College (University). I work in my studio with a variety of floor looms and tapestry looms, dye colors with synthetic and natural dyes and weave in two and three dimensions.

I enjoy working in school residencies and am learning to present projects and programs online for those who are interested. I teach in several regional art schools through workshops and classes usually meeting enthusiastic fiber folks. I exhibit in galleries and at festivals with some of the same work found in my online marketplace. Also I write grants to secure funds for community projects, school programs and work with organizations to coordinate projects.

Please follow my Facebook and Instagram where I post images of current work, recent findings and things that I find interesting.